The 2019 Hoag Classic

The 2019 Hoag Classic

AS the iconic 2019 Hoag Classic kicks off on March 8, different  professionals are expected to show their LEVEL OF expertise. The world-class Newport Beach Country Club will be the place to have all the fun as different teams in the PGA TOUR Champions will be demonstrating their best effort for the $1.8 million that is set. The annual event is likely to be different in 2019 following the much expectation by golf lovers across the world.

March 8 is expected to control a lot of events once the tournament kicks off since the day will make it easy for cooperate and client interaction. It will also be one of the unique moments to enable those attending the tournament to enjoy live music by John Wayne. The weekend will be a busy one follow the plans to appreciate the military men and women for the great service where beverage and food will be offered to thank them.
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Rory Mcllroy


By Golfworld:

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. — Rory McIlroy is one of the fastest players on the PGA Tour, which makes the issue of slow play out here all the more befuddling. If playing fast works for McIlroy, who has only won four majors and amassed more than $43 million in career earnings, why can’t everybody else follow suit and pick up the pace?

The always-outspoken Northern Irishman feels the same way, and he said as much on Friday night at TPC Sawgrass. McIlroy carded a second-round, seven-under 65, putting him in a tie for the lead with Tommy Fleetwood at 12 under. And he did it in his usual fashion: swiftly. Yet even his round took well north of five hours to finish.

Somehow, the entire field was able to get in the second round before darkness, but the same can’t be said for the first round. Play was suspended on Thursday due to darkness with just one player left on the course, Anirban Lahiri, who had to return in the morning to finish off a three-footer for par at the 18th hole. That situation, plus the glacial pace of play on Friday, drew the ire of McIlroy, who was asked by the AP’s Doug Ferguson why he thinks it’s been so slow the last two days.

“Because they don’t do anything about it,”McIlroy said. “It’s become somewhat of an epidemic on tour. Look, it’s our livelihoods, and people are going to take their time, and as the course dries up and gets firmer and gets tougher, guys are going to take their time, but the fact that someone didn’t finish yesterday, just being through daylight savings and the tee times and someone had to come out today because there wasn’t enough light to finish, I mean, that’s unacceptable. What time is it right now, 7:35? Yeah, so, this is five hours, 40 [minutes] after our tee time. I get that it can take five hours to play out there, but it shouldn’t take any over that.”

McIlroy is not the first marquee player to take his fellow competitors to task. In late January, Brooks Koepka sounded off on the same issue after a video of Bryson DeChambeau’s deliberate pre-shot routine at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic drew criticism on social media. Just a few weeks later, J.B. Holmes caught plenty of heat for his pace of play at the Genesis Open. Earlier that same week, Adam Scott offered his solution, saying he’d take a slow play penalty if that solved the issue.

McIlroy agrees.

“Honestly, I think they should just being a little tougher and start penalizing shots earlier, and that would be an easy way to fix it.”

Phil Mickelson

By Golfworld:

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. — For the second straight week, Phil Mickelson found himself on the wrong side of the number, shooting a second-straight two-over 74 at TPC Sawgrass to miss the cut at the Players Championship.

And for a second straight day, he found himself addressing a widespread college admissions scandal and his family’s connection to the bribery scheme’s ringleader, Rick Singer.

I’m used to taking hits,” Mickelson said Friday when asked if the events off the course this week had been a distraction on it. “But it hurts when you have your kids being questioned over doing nothing but working hard and studying hard. But we’re going to be OK.”

On Thursday, Mickelson acknowledged he and wife Amy had hired the Edge College & Career Network and used the services of the company the last three years to help in the search process for all three of their children after getting positive recommendations about the company and its CEO William (Rick) Singer.

Singer has pled guilty to charges that his company, which also went by the name of The Key, bribed university coaches and officials and created fraudulent profiles for high school students pretending they were athletes in the hope it would aid in the application process. The company also allegedly helped students improve their standardized test scores.
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Fred Couples Tip For making More Eagles

During an interview, Fred Couples,Golf Pro, shared the advise he had been given early in his golf career on how to achieve making more Eagles in any kind of weather when playing in tournaments. This advice has enabled Fred to become one of the most successful Pro Golfers in making Eagles.

He said he always plays for the center on the green on par fives for the following reasons:

First by playing for the middle of the green, you eliminate most of the danger around a green. This will normally leave you a long putt for your Eagle, but you might just get lucky and make the putt for an Eagle. Your chances are slim but we all know in golf it can happen.  Even if you miss your Eagle putt, you should at lease walk off the green with a Birdie.

The second reason is even though you are playing for the center of the green, you might be off your shot a little bit and could end up in better position closer to the hole and raise your chances for an Eagle.  Now you might end up a little further from the hole but you most likely will still be on the green and have a much better chance of making a Birdie at least.

If you know your course well and have a good idea of the slope and valleys of the green like the Pros know, you can play to that spot as close to the center as well and let the green improve your chances for that Eagle.
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Golf Swing Tips

Golf swing tips applicable to every golfer.

To execute all the necessary moves using golf equipment, you need to perfect your golf swing tips by working together with other professionals in the same field. Simple and open tips can be learned from the actions without the need of having details from the textbook or attending classes. Golf swing tips will help you eliminate common errors that are most committed during the game.

Once you get it right with the swing tips, you will be able to manage and carry out stylish, efficient and reliable moves without any challenge. The tips will help you handle your correct position and how the club should relate with the ball before you get started. It also handles the position of the knee which should be made to bend comfortably and the upper body that should be straight and tilted forward.
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Golf Equipment

Buying the right golf equipment can change the experience for anyone. Choose from a variety of different bags and clubs on the market. Golf is a fun sport that is fun for all who try it for themselves.

Golf equipment is worthwhile and can be considered an investment by a lot of players. Choose a course and friends that want to play along the way too. Golf equipment might actually help people who follow through on it.

Check out brand name manufacturers and what they can offer to people next. These brands are touted for their viability and effectiveness in a lot of ways. Brand names are on the market and might have some helpful features as well. Trust that the products are held in high esteem in certain capacities.
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Callaway Golf Clubs

Callaway Golf is one of the largest makers of golf clubs in the world and is based in America. It's been making these since the 1980's when it burst on the scene with it's revolutionary Big Bertha Irons and Drivers. In recent times it has diversified from just game improvement (Big Bertha) to include both players (X-series) and new technology clubs (Fusion) to help broaden its appeal. On Tour many players such as Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson, Stuart Appleby, and recent US Open winner Graeme McDowall play Callaway.

Callaway Fusion Golf Clubs

Fusion technology is the name Callaway gives to its latest multi-material golf club creations. Modern materials like added to improve forgiveness and reduce vibration on off-center hits. Expect to pay a premium on the Fusion Clubs as you’ll be paying for the latest space-age materials, manufacturing, and marketing.

Callaway X Series Golf Clubs The Callaway X-series are players clubs. They’re aimed at tour players, low handicappers and aspiring mid-handicappers looking for feel and performance.
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The Beginner Golf Tips

Most golfers know that their swing speed is related to long trips on the tee, but they also do not know how to improve their gold swing speed. I can tell you that the solution is not to make a stronger swing and that if you’ve already tried it, you know it does not work! So, the question remains, how to improve the speed of rotation?

How to effectively improve your golf swing speed

To achieve a higher rotation speed you will need strength and flexibility. You can quickly see the results by applying the strength and flexibility of your core and upper and lower body.

A good place to start is with rotation exercises. He will want to sit down and place a golf club behind his neck, on his shoulders. Make sure you are facing the front of the club, grab it at each end of the club and turn it to the right and to the left again. Do this 10 times for three different series. At first, you will want to do this slowly, as it will probably seem a bit tense and then you can start to go a little faster. Make sure you maintain good posture with your eyes straight.
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Titleist Golf Balls

Titleist is the leading manufacturer of golf balls and golf equipment across Europe and almost all parts of the globe,this giant has perfected the art of making golf balls that are a perfect reason why this brand is so popular, infant the company dates back in the 1930s when one amateur golfer missed a well-set putt and convinced the fellow player that it was not his fault convincing his fellow player that it was the ball that was faulty.

They passed the ball over the x-ray machine and found it defective at the core, He, therefore, convinced his friend a rubber expert to develop a proper golfing ball. That is how the Titleist golf balls idea was conceptualized since then the company has stood its ground and won the hearts of many golfers.

Having being played from the professional golf levels to amateur leagues, The signature on the golf ball is synonymous to the brand.

Get Your Favorite Picture of Tiger Woods Today

Inspiration often exists in various forms, eg. As a video clip, audio clip or photo. One way to be inspired is to get a full-size picture of your favorite athlete. A photo by Tiger Woods or Arnold Palmer is a good idea, as it not only attracts the attention of the guests but also gives a very different feeling in your living room.

How about a photo of your favorite star?

As a star of the Ace Golf Stars, Tiger Woods was known worldwide and even invited to play in Dubai while the tallest building was opened. Although he had taken a break from active golf due to certain issues in his personal life, he returned to the international courts and regained his full form.
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