Tiger’s practice round at the Liberty National did not go well due to stiffness problems with his body.

This practice round was Tiger’s first appearance at a tournament since his missing the cut at the Open Championship. His body once more seems to be letting him down when he needs it the most to compete in the game he loves to play.

Tiger is 43 now and while that is not an old age, considering the stress his body has gone through for most of his life in playing and operations, it is understandable his body might be saying “let me rest”.

Woods has stated that his body is just moving as well as he would like it to move. This has created some concern with many as to Woods’s ability to withstand the grind of the FedEx Cup Playoffs. Woods was showing signs of pain with some of his shots on the front nine so he stopped full swings and just chipped and put for the back nine with his amateur partners which showed true professional class in the Pro AM.

Time will tell if Tiger’s body will hold up, but we wish Tiger all the best

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Tiger Update

Tiger Update
Tiger had to with draw from Liberty National due to his body letting him down again. He hopes he can get himself in condition for the BMW next week.

Brooks Koepka continues to rail against slow play, while Tiger Woods talks about the way players are combating it.

Brooks Koepka is carrying his complaining about what he considers slow play by many of the other professionals on tour to the Liberty National. Could it be that his success on the course is going to his head in that like so many people today, feel you should act and think just as they do or there is something wrong with you.

Have you ever noticed that there are not two pros on tour that are exactly alike in body shape, size, or thinking? Each player has their own way of approaching the game in preparing and playing the game.

Brooks said that since he only takes 15 seconds to hit his shots, he does not understand why other players have to take a minute and a half to hit their shots. He feels that there are too many people putting thoughts in players heads about doing a lot of shot processing before they hit their shots.

Since Brooks has started this constant complaining about other players, I have timed a lot of Koepka’s shots and I hate to burst his bubble, but he takes longer than 15 seconds on a lot of his shots.

Koepka said he’s frustrated and baffled at what his fellow players are doing on the course, particularly with relatively easy decisions. Sometimes they might be trying to decide what club to hit. Well, you’ve had a day to think about it, and it’s pretty clear what the tee shot is,” Koepka said. “I mean, I just don’t get it as a lot of times it’s on the simpler shots. The difficult ones, you already know what to do with it, but it’s the simpler ones where guys seem to take their time.

Tiger agreed that some players do play a little slower than others but there are rules controlling time for shots, so if someone is breaking the rules, they are placed on the clock. While Brooks has chosen to name players he feels are slower players, Tiger has not chosen to name players. Tiger shows class on this subject. Maybe Koepka will get to that state of mind also someday.
It takes more than shooting a low score to become a true champion.

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